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At RAPP Lab 3 in Cologne we used senses and the body to approach sound, movement and music from different perspectives. Students and teachers were experiencing the same laboratories and lectures, reflecting eye to eye on methods and skills of embodied reflections. With a large amount of inputs and alternative ways of making and looking at the process of creation, we experimented in different locations around the city and practiced and performed in playful and creative ways this new knowledge given to us.

The workshop developed a constructive atmosphere, in which new experimentation was possible. A great deal of the activities were music-driven, but this also made sense as most of us participants had our background in music, either as performers, composers, or musicologists etc. However, we dealt quite a bit with movement as a tool of expression and experimentation, which fit the theme of embodiment well. My best experiences came from the workshops dealing with gestural improvisation and multi-sensory expansion of evaluating criteria for music, plus an excellent lecture recital. I would say about half of the Lab's content was interesting and useful, the other half a bit superficial, or perhaps still finding its way. However, I'm very happy to have participated, since I could extract new tools for my musical and research work. The participants were amazing, and worked on interesting projects in their home institutions. It's always nice to hear creative and dedicated people sharing their work.

RAPP Lab 3 in Cologne was a very beneficial experience in many ways. I got introduced to methods of enhancing my awareness of multisensorial perception that were new to me, while also discovering new aspects in already familiar ones. I could experiment with these methods and aspects artistically and in various ways, both individually and in groups. Thus, I could also deepen my awareness of the diversity and variety of the different kinds of reflection and knowledge that result from the diversity of artistic practice and experimentation. Also, taking part in RAPPLab3 was the first time for me to involve in an artistic research context outside of my own university, and it was actually an encouragement to do so more. Besides the impulses and inspirations from the lab’s classes and activities, I therefore also enjoyed a lot meeting artistic researchers and art students from many different fields and institutions and discussing our work and many other things together.