Since this pool of definitions and conditions of “reflection” will grow and develop during the RAPP Lab project, the work-packages and the “Catalogue raisonné” (guidelines) will become important tools. In order to become more concrete concerning the values of RAPP Lab, this is a suggestion for a really rough structure for the guidelines.

The Lab 1 functioned as a first impulse for the “Catalogue raisonné”. It makes visible how we came to the reflective settings, we approved in the Lab and how these tested settings teach us, what critical reflection needs to grow/to develop or better: what artists need to critically reflect on/with and through their practice.

Each RAPP Lab is testing in small, what we want to develop in big. It is about testing/exploring modes/models of reflection in each Lab, which we want to use for a conceptualization of the whole RAPP Lab’s idea of “reflection”. We might think about this relation as a “Pars pro toto”: each Lab tests and explores as an exemplum of the models we want to create and disseminate within the whole project.

Therefore, the “Catalogue raisonné” is a work-in-progress.