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The RAPP Lab Website

During the run of the project, this website functioned as a collaborative interactive platform for the participants of the Labs. It became an open resource for information and a tool kit for students and teachers who worked in the Labs. The interactive area has been only accessible for participants of the Labs and provided different tools for a reflective and in-depth communication before, during and after the Labs. It has been a kind of "save space" also to exchange vague ideas or scetches before getting concrete art-work. It gave participants the opportunity to share and to discuss their materials by offering these different tools: 

The Discussion-section offered a forum with different aspects (providing information about the participants themselves and their research interests), in the Material-section the Working Group of each Lab provided material either for preparation or for evaluation, in the section Share students and teachers had the possibilty to upload own research-material (sounds, images, videos) and/or to even leave comments. Parts of the outcomes of these interactions can be found here. Want to know more about the "making-off" and the use of the website? Get more information in this pdf.