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The RAPP Lab Handbook

In its structure the RAPP Lab Handbook mirrows the guidelines of the whole project, it refers directly to the starting point of RAPP Lab, namely the need for a structured method of learning and teaching critical thinking in music practice. The Lab Handbook is not a "simple" module handbook but a teachers' guide informed by the experiences of Labs, a practical output of each Lab. Every Lab leads into one chapter of the Handbook. It provides an immediate hand-on-tool for teachers and senior managers at Music Higher Education Institutes.

The RAPP Lab Handbook makes visible, how each Lab was designed, and also contains a Practical Guide for each Lab referring to aspects like target group, duration and intensity, external experts needed, group size, interdisciplinary potential, related musical disiplines, skillsets of teachers, availability of materials for students, prepartation needed by participants (or not), infrastructural needs and suggestions of expected outcomes. This material can be used to design further modules for implementing Artistic Research in Higher Education Instituts. In the matrix teachers and designers of study programmes have the possibility to read in a vertical and also a horizontal way. By doing so, differences and similarities between the six different Labs become visible and comparable. The RAPP Lab Handbook has been published here.