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Embodied Reflection in Artistic Practice

I perform, I resonate, I move, I reflect - the potential of this doing is entangled with (often inaudible) words, with tangible sounds, imaginations and bodily gestures. The third RAPP Lab at the HfMT Cologne focusses on the tacit dimensions of the sensorial-emotional and social knowledge of and in artistic practice, research and education. In try-outs, in workshops, in interdisciplinary and dialogical sessions, in discussions. 

In this variety of setups the Lab invites you to explore how we can approach, experience and analyze music and dance making from perspectives of embodied reflection. We would like to share and discuss methods and practices that may contribute to a deeper understanding of reflexivity in artistic doing as a holistic phenomenon that always departs from states of moving, hearing, sensing, mobilizing the known as well as the unknown. One of our guiding principles will be an attempt to avoid easy separations between sound, movement and language, intellect and body as much as possible- while being aware how deeply ingrained such binary structures’ still are in Western economies of knowledge, art and education.