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A rich learning experience to further develop and apply valuable critical thinking skills, counterpoint knowledge and programming to artistic research! The BootCamp was a short but intense experience on the most innovative methodologies and ideas on artistic research. I have been immersed in high level, vigorous training on critical thinking, counterpoint and programming. Professors that tought the courses are notable artists and professors at Institution of higher education. At the end of the BootCamp I feel I have learned new tools and technique to be utilized in my research practice. I have also reinforced my knowledge on the application of critically thinking to my research and the artistic reality around me.
Formal logic, sixteenth-century counterpoint, computer coding: what do they have in common? During RappLab2 I learned that being able to recognize relations between premises and a conclusion, and knowing how to counterpoint four voices, might be activities made of the same material. I highly enjoyed every course, since each lecturer made me disclose a set of competencies that I am now able to use in my research activity. Still, the one I appreciated the most was "Programming in the Arts: Practice and reflection": I couldn't imagine the musical (ad artistic, more generally) possibilities hidden behind what at first glance may seem just a cold, strictly defined set of rules. To sum up, the BootCamp was an extraordinary opportunity to acquire skills in a unique context: the Orpheus reserved to us participants not only great lectures but also the most exquisite hospitality.