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Make the (Un)Familiar (Un)Familiar. A Kaleidoscope of Reflection in Artistic Practices

17th November 2022, 17:30-19:30 ONLINE (via ZOOM)

In artistic research the word “reflection” is booming, and its meanings range widely: from spoken and discursive analysis before or after an artistic performance to improvisation as sonic reflection in the artistic activity itself. The RAPP Lab project playfully investigates the qualities, and often slippery properties of "reflection" as being vague, concrete, unvoiced or embodied and creates six experimental settings (Labs) in which students can expand and specify their reflective skills. We invited the artistic research community to switch the perspective from “What is reflection?” to “In which learning and teaching parameters and conditions can reflection and critical thinking in artistic research emerge?”

This digital even focussed on the three Labs which have taken place during the year 2022: Lab 3 (May 2022) at the HfMT Cologne on Embodied Reflection, Lab 4 (June 2022) contributed by mdw Vienna on Transculturality, and Lab 5 (September 2022) by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn on Autoethnography. It presented a kaleidoscope of methodological perspectives of artistic research between these three learning environments.



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