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Structure of the week

Monday 22 March

14:45-15:15Open Presentation 1: ‘A research architecture’: explaining the theory behind the NMH RAPP Lab: Prof. Darla Crispin
15:30-15:45The NMH RAPP Lab Research Catalogue exposition
15:45-16:30Participant questions
16:30-17:00Wrap-up: with review of plan for the week

Tuesday 23 March

09:30-09:50Open Presentation 2: ‘Performing Precarity. A search for qualities in unpredictable performance situations’ (film), with Ellen Ugelvik and Jennifer Torrence
10:00-10:20Plenary discussion
10:30-12:30Breakout groups
14:00-15:30Responses and ideas from participants: issues, questions, affirmations, reinforcements and aspects of material from the breakout groups
15:30 – 17:00Break-out into institutions/individual time

Wednesday 24 March

09:30-09:50Open Presentation 3: ‘From PhDs to Goodbye Intuition’ with Ivar Grydeland and Morten Qvenild
10:00-10:20Plenary discussion
10:30-12:30Breakout groups
14:00-15:50Workshop 1: Ellen Ugelvik: ‘When it hurts – the qualities and potential of friction’
16:00 – 17:00Open time: meeting of NMH Team – personal reflection time for participants, and opportunity to keep posting materials on the RC

Thursday 25 March

09:30-11:20Workshop 2: Ivar Grydeland: Reflections in sound / reflections in public
11:30-12:30Workshop 3a: (1st half) Jennifer Torrence: ‘Coming to Terms: Mapping terminology, locating fruitful tensions and applying models as lenses for reflection’.
14:00-14:50Workshop 3b (2nd half) Jennifer Torrence: ‘Coming to Terms…’
15:00 – 17:00Workshop 4: Morten Qvenild: ‘An iterative performing, watching and writing method. Start building a poetic lexicon.’

Friday 26 March

09:30-12:30Résumé of week; some initial synthesising questions and remarks; feedback; run-through of follow-up processes and concluding remarks from NMH Vice Rector for Research, Darla Crispin



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