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Open lectures

The following presentations can be followed online via Zoom:


March 22, 14:00-15:15

Welcome by NMH Rector, Peter Tornquist, and Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Darla Crispin

Introduction of NMH Lab Team: Ellen Ugelvik, Jennifer Torrence, Ivar Grydeland and Morten Qvenild

Prof. Darla Crispin: A research architecture: explaining the theory behind the NMH RAPP Lab


March 23, 09:30-10:20

”Performing Precarity“ (film) with Ellen Ugelvik and Jennifer Torrence. Plenary discussion.


March 24, 09:30-10:20

"From PhDs to Goodbye Intuition“ with Ivar Grydeland and Morten Qvenild. Plenary discussion.


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