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When it hurts – the qualities and potential of friction

In this workshop, Ellen Ugelvik shares thoughts and experiences from the research project Extended Composition.

Workshop research question: In artistic (research) processes there are times where friction and conflicts occur. How can we unpack and embrace these moments as stepping stones towards a new understanding of our practices and a new way of thinking, making and performing music?

Part 1 (20 min.): Ellen Ugelvik explains how, by drawing upon thoughts and experiences accumulated during the research project Extended Composition, she is now working to map the points of friction that have arisen in the project as it goes into its final phase (‘toolkit model’).

Part 2 (20 min.): Each participant reflects upon a former research project or composition/performance of their own and searches for hidden possibilities or paths that were not fully explored at the time (‘toolkit model’).

Part 3 (70 min.): In groups of three, the participants unpack and share an aspect/aspects of their ongoing research where they have identified friction and/or potential conflicts. The participants help each other to map the situations (‘toolkit model’ using google docs?) and discuss creative ways to explore the hidden possibilities in ‘disharmony’. Approx. 20 minutes per participant.


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Author: Sybille Fraquelli
The idea of regarding friction as something very potential has been of a great effort to me. Thank you!
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