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Symposium in Montepulciano

Our first RAPP Lab Event, the Symposium "Developing Critical Reflection and Cognitive Skills in Art Practice", took place on September 24th 2021 at the European Academy for Music and Performing Arts Palazzo Ricci in Montepulciano.

The Palazzo Ricci is the only German cultural project in Italy that is focused on music. Unlike other German cultural organizations in Italy, the academy’s guiding principle is to enable contact among young, extremely talented artists from around Europe. In the second half of September the Academy also venues the "Laboratory of the Arts" (September 12th to 25th 2021), a two-weeks interdisciplinary laboratory in collaboration with the Music and Arts HEI in North Rhine Westphalia (Germany) called "Kolleg der Künste Montepulciano". Together with all cooperating academies, the "Kolleg" allows students in concentrated work-progresses to get a new and enlarged point of view of arts and music.

The objectives of this symposium related to Lab 1 and Lab 2. In these both Labs the entire diversity of RAPP Lab in terms of content and methodology has been marked: NMH’s contribution began with the artistic material itself (inductive process): Each student started from his/her own artistic potential and material and took this as a basis to understand the different processes of critical reflection, to go through them him/herself and to share them with others. The Orpheus Institute’s Bootcamp students were intensively taught previously selected core skills (deductive method). Both activities met at the main issues if RAPP Lab, the question, how critical thinking and reflectiveness can change one's own artistic practice. This is based on the conviction that knowledge in practice does not function in the sense of a hermetic storage. Rather, critical reflection on art and in art enables multi-layered processes, which must be examined in one step and implemented in a second step in methods, formats and modules appropriate to these insights.

The results of these two Labs have been presented and discussed with the students and teachers of the "Laboratory of Arts" during the symposium. 



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