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Institution: Conservatorio di musica Santa Cecilia Rome

Francesco Campora


When I first arrived in Tallinn I had no clue on what Autoethnography was or meant. When I came back, I had an idea of what it was and, most important, of how it could be used within artistic research, enough to use it to carry on my own project. Each day we learnt about an aspect of autoethnography and were given inputs on how to incorporate it in a meaningful way for our own artistic subjectivity, and the activities were both interesting and useful in this sense. The whole experience was empowered by the cooperation among the participants which was constantly encouraged. I personally met both new people and people I knew since the previous RAPP Labs, through the activities I learnt both personal and artistic traits of some of them - and so did they with me - and I felt very grateful and enriched by this exchange.