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Lab 2 completed!

Students from all our partner institutions participated in RAPP Lab 2: a one-week bootcamp at the Orpheus Institute in Gent (September 6th -10th) focussed on the development of cognitive skills. Reflective practice in artistic research is predicated on the repertoire of conceptual models available to the artist – innate, learned and assimilated, conscious, half-formed and obscure. This experimental workshop takes a radical approach to developing cognitive skills for artist-researchers in music. It seeks to encourage development in areas that will support and empower reflective research in all areas of music, through the joy of focussed learning. Students will study critical reasoning – the interrogation of their own thought – sixteenth century counterpoint – the formal manipulation of musical materials – and the principles of coding and computation – the operational foundations of knowledge and action in our own culture. These subjects are both technical – their study requires instruction and practice – and culturally fundamental to the contemporary study of music. They raise specific issues and yet afford a level of abstraction that will inform every research topic. Students pursued all three courses over a week of intensive teaching and learning, with a lesson and homework each day in each area. These courses were taught by absolutly experts in their field – highly experienced teachers, each with an original, challenging and inclusive approach that allows them to address participants regardless of their prior experience or expertise.


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