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Institution: Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Rome
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Alessandro Perfetti Lab 2


Formal logic, sixteenth-century counterpoint, computer coding: what do they have in common? During RappLab2 I learned that being able to recognize relations between premises and a conclusion, and knowing how to counterpoint four voices, might be activities made of the same material. I highly enjoyed every course, since each lecturer made me disclose a set of competencies that I am now able to use in my research activity. Still, the one I appreciated the most was "Programming in the Arts: Practice and reflection": I couldn't imagine the musical (ad artistic, more generally) possibilities hidden behind what at first glance may seem just a cold, strictly defined set of rules. To sum up, the BootCamp was an extraordinary opportunity to acquire skills in a unique context: the Orpheus reserved to us participants not only great lectures but also the most exquisite hospitality.