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June 2, 2022, 06:00 PM

Symposium in Vienna

We kindly invite you to participate in our Symposium "Methodological Perspectives of Artistic Research – between Transculturality and Embodied Reflection" at the mdw in Vienna, June 2nd in the Haydn Hall: 

This event, focusing on Labs 3 and Lab 4 of mdw Vienna and HfMT Cologne, will present methodological perspectives of artistic research between transculturality and embodied reflection.

Embodied reflection (RAPP Lab 3)
I perform, I move, I reflect - the potential of this doing is interwoven with (often inaudible) words, with tangible sounds, imaginations and bodily gestures. This lab focuses on the implicit dimensions of sensory-emotional and social knowledge of and in artistic practice, research and education. In auditions, in workshops, in interdisciplinary and dialogical sessions, in discussions.

Transculturality in artistic research (RAPP Lab 4)
In a globalised (art) world, we consider the Western musical tradition as one among many traditions. This stance acknowledges existing hegemonic power relations, but aims to foster participants' ability to reflect on their own artistic practice and art research methods and to experience them in different social, cultural and artistic contexts. This requires an awareness of the diverse power-structural conditions of artistic practices. In a postcolonial context, the development of diverse reflexive approaches supports students in finding, developing, articulating and communicating their own point of view. This also contributes to the ability to find / develop / present their own artistic and professional niche. 

The Event
In this event we will present the work of teachers and students from both labs and discuss the findings and perspectives. In a panel discussion, the steering commitee of the RAPP Lab will discuss the methodological framework, different strategies and even subversive approaches of reflection in artistic processes and in artistic research that challenge our understanding of music, art, knowledge and social relevance. The audience is welcome to discuss with the participants both formally during the panel and informally during the reception.


  • June 2, 2022, 06:00 PM